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Business Loan Services

At Bank of North Carolina, we know how important financing can be to the success of your business. Whether you're just starting out or expanding an existing business, we have the right product for you. For instance, one of our term loans can provide a fixed interest rate that can assist with your borrowing for specific reasons. And a line of credit can provide flexibility for your immediate borrowing and cash flow needs.

If you need financing for expansion, machinery, equipment or working capital, we can help. A secured loan from Bank of North Carolina allows a business to borrow against its assets. Our short-term commercial loans are great for seasonal working capital. And you can buy new properties or improve existing ones with a commercial real estate loan.
Stop by and talk to one of our Commercial Loan Officers. They'll review your situation with you and offer a plan to meet your particular financial needs. In every case, we use a personalized approach to lending that assures the right product fit.

All loans are subject to credit approval.

Real Estate Lending
Real Estate Lending is a key area of expertise for Bank of North Carolina. Our bankers are trained to develop a solid understanding of each opportunity and to work with customers to structure financing solutions that are both innovative and competitive. We have considerable expertise working in the developer, investor and owner-occupied markets, and can offer Construction Loans and Acquisition and Development (A&D) loans that fit your specific needs.

Developers and Investors
Bank of North Carolina works with both developers and investors to provide
a full range of financing options for income-producing land and properties, including multi-family residential, retail, industrial and office properties.

Lines of Credit
A revolving line of credit is a business essential. Use it to manage cash flow by financing short-term capital needs such as inventory, accounts receivable or other seasonal needs. With a line of credit, you're in control. You may borrow, repay and borrow again up to your credit limit.

Term Loans
Term loans are often used to finance fixed-asset purchases for items such as equipment, vehicles and furniture. Term loans are a great way to finance permanent working capital or debt consolidation, and are available for buying, improving or refinancing commercial property.

Accounts Receivable Financing
Bank of North Carolina can help cover seasonal and other short-term operational needs. One of our most popular solutions is to arrange a line of credit that's secured by your company's receivables. Securing a credit line with receivables is ideal for companies that might not otherwise qualify for an unsecured line of credit that's sufficient for their needs.

Credit Cards
The Bank of North Carolina Business credit cards (Visa® or MasterCard®) are designed to make it easy for businesses to manage travel and entertainment expenses. It allows for separate spending and credit limits for each cardholder and then track card usage through monthly statements. Several usage reports are available to assist with budgeting and tracking expenses. With a business credit card, you can eliminate the time-consuming process of reviewing expense reports and reimbursing employees!

As you can see, our credit card is a necessity for any business with employees who travel. Stop by any one of our locations to apply today and begin focusing on what matters most—managing your company. If you are a current credit card customer and you would like more information regarding your account click

For more information about how Bank of North Carolina can help you with your business financing needs, contact us today. Click here for locations.

All loans and credit requests are subject to credit approval.


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