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ATM/Debit Cards

Use your Debit Card anywhere that Visa is accepted, as it takes the place of writing a check! It’s convenient and secure, and it’s offered with all of our checking accounts



  • Keep track of your purchases through BNC Online Banking
  • Accepted at millions of locations where VISA is accepted
  • Safer than carrying cash

EMV Means More Security

Bank of North Carolina now offers Debit cards with new EMV (Eurocard-Mastercard-Visa) smart chip technology. The new chip on your card provides an additional layer of security when using your new card with chip-enabled card readers and ATMs.

During your transaction, the data is encrypted and the chip produces a single-use code to validate the transaction, making it nearly impossible for your card data to be stolen and duplicated. Plus, it's easier for you to travel internationally, as much of the world has already converted to this technology. Also, to ensure compatibility with all card terminals, it still features a magnetic strip on the back of the card.


How to use an EMV chip-enabled Debit Card


ATM/Debit Card Informational Safety Tips

As with all financial transactions, please exercise discretion when using an ATM. For your own safety, be careful. The following suggestions may be helpful:

  • Record each transaction in your account record, but not while at the ATM.
  • Always save your receipts. Do not leave them at the ATM because they may contain important account information.
  • Compare your records with the account statements you receive.
  • Do not lend your ATM/debit card to anyone.
  • Do not leave your card at the ATM.
  • Protect your ATM/debit card as if it were cash.
  • Protect the secrecy of your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Do not tell anyone your PIN.
  • Do not give anyone information regarding your ATM/Debit card or provide your PIN over the telephone. A Bank of North Carolina representative would never call and ask you for this information.
  • Do not keep your PIN with your card. For example, do not keep a record of your PIN in your wallet or purse
  • If your ATM/debit card is lost or stolen, notify us immediately. If the Bank is closed, call 24-hours a day at (866) 546-8273
  • When you use an ATM, be mindful of your surroundings.

Tips to Avoid ATM Surcharges

  • Use Bank of North Carolina's ATM machines. We charge our customers a surcharge.
  • Use the cash back feature available at many grocery stores, convenience stores, and discount stores when making a purchase.
  • Withdraw more cash during each ATM visit but visit ATMs less often.
  • Use your debit card rather than cash when possible.
  • Ask for cash back when making a deposit with a teller.



An ATM surcharge is an ATM transaction fee that is imposed by the owner of the ATM. The owner of the ATM may be your bank, another bank, and even a non-bank business. An ATM surcharge may be imposed in addition to any transaction fees charged by your bank. Bank of North Carolina does not assess ATM transaction fees or ATM surcharge fees to its customers.

There will be a sign posted on the ATM itself stating if any charge will apply. Once you have inserted your card and entered your PIN, a notice of any charge must appear, giving you the option of canceling the transaction without being accessed a feel.

There is a sign posted on the ATM stating the name of the financial institution.

No, but the owner of the ATM may charge you.

Generally, no. However, a small number of businesses have started charging a cash back fee.

Yes. Only Bank of North Carolina ATM and debit cards can be used at a Bank of North Carolina ATM without being charged a surcharge fee.

No, only cash withdrawals are subject to an ATM surcharge.