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6 Reasons for selecting IRONKEY TRUSTED ACCESS for your Online Banking Safety!

1. PROTECT YOUR COMMERCIAL BANKING BUSINESS Criminals are increasing their targeting of online banking accounts. These account thefts are occurring not at the bank portal, but on the end-users computers. Criminals realize the difficulty of invading a bank's security, so they take the path of least resistance, which is business and home computer environments. We tend to get lulled into a false peace of mind with our personal firewalls and internet security software, but the cyber crooks are poking holes in these every day. Iron Key Trusted Access allows you to use your online banking in a protected environment that can be used anywhere. This means your home, office, hotel or other public computers.

2. MEETS NACHA AND FBI SAFE BANKING GUIDELINES To combat fraud, NACHA (National ACH Clearing House Association), the US-based Electronic Payments Association, and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) developed guidelines for safe Web banking. Trusted Access is the only solution available that allows the Bank to offer clients safe online banking that meets NACHA and FBI guidelines without added complexity and inconvenience. Trusted Access goes beyond NACHA and FBI guidelines to provide an environment that is tamperproof and provides protection against hard-to-stop financial malware that steal credentials and uses them without the knowledge of users.

IRONKEY Allows you to use your online banking in a protected environment that can be used wherever you go, and on any computer.

3. EASY TO USE Protecting ourselves from financial malware makes clear business sense. But, too often computer security products rely on us to make the effort of installing and confirming that the promised protection is working. Trusted Access automates protection with a small, portable USB device you can take anywhere.

4. SAFETY AND SECURITY SAME AS THE BIG BOYS The world's most demanding and security conscious Fortune 500 and defense, intelligence, and civilian government agencies already entrust their security to IronKey Trusted Access.

5. REDUCE RISK EXPOSURE With Trusted Access, Bank of North Carolina helps manage your protection from financial malware. This limits the potential for compromise and resulting risk incurred with online payment and transfer services.

6. EVOLVE TO MEET NEW THREATS Trusted Access runs on your computer separate from their other applications, including your web browser. This keeps criminals out even if your computer is infected with viruses. When Trusted Access is disconnected from a computer, your access to banking services can't be accessed. This makes online banking access out of reach of financial malware.

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