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Convenience Banking

Services that make doing business easier.
Whether you're a growing corporation or a one-person operation, you can count on us for business services that can help your business run smoothly and profitably.

BNC Business Check Card
With a BNC Business Check Card, it's easy to keep track of
all your business transactions. You can make purchases up to $5,000 and cash withdrawals up to $500. Cards are imprinted with both company and individual names. Transactions
are restricted to limited signers and are guaranteed by the business owner.

Business Online Banking
Business Online Banking is the perfect way to keep all of your financial information in one place and view it with the click of a mouse. Plus, you can pay bills, transfer money between accounts, originate wires, and pay bank loans.

Bounce Protection
With this feature you can overdraw your account, up to specified limits, without worrying about it.

Certificate of Deposit/Business Savings
Certificate of Deposit and Business Savings are ways for any business to earn competitive interest rates on excess balances. Federal regulations limit preauthorized or electronic transfers.

Merchant Services
Through our partnerships and alliances, BNC enables merchants to accept any type of electronic payment easily and securely, allowing them to focus on what they do best-selling goods and services to their customers.

Business Loans
We know there are lots of reasons why you need extra money. Our loan programs are designed to meet those needs quickly and easily at competitive rates.

Business Acquisition Loans
Looking to buy a business? We'll help you work out the numbers at attractive rates and terms.

Real Estate Loans
Talk to us about the land, construction, commercial development, residential development, and
investment properties you want to finance.

Commercial Lines of Credit
We can help you be prepared for future needs by arranging a line of credit in your name. That way, you'll always have money to draw on when you need it. In most cases, there's no charge for this service until you actually withdraw money from your line of credit.

Equipment Loans
Talk to us about equipment needs for your business.

Business Leasing for Vehicles & Equipment
An excellent financial tool for improving your cash flow with 100% financing, possible tax advantages* and fixed rates. We can provide you with lease options on vehicles: cars, pickups, vans, medium duty trucks and trailers. Equipment leasing options for construction, manufacturing, office, medical, materials handling, metal- and woodworking, and so much more.

*Consult a tax advisor for details.
All loans and leases subject to credit approval.

Business Checking
Check out our checking accounts.

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