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Bank of North Carolina. The place to be...for all the right reasons.

Convenience Banking

At Bank of North Carolina, you'll find a unique combination of accounts and personal service that can help you manage your money like never before. But what's more, you'll find a whole new level of convenience.

Telephone Banking
Access 24 enables you to use your telephone to make account inquiries and transfers between Bank of North Carolina accounts.

Online Banking
Review your accounts, check your balances, transfer funds, download financial information to Quicken, Quick Books and Microsoft Money, pay your bills online-and more. All with a few clicks of a mouse on your home computer. It's fast, simple, and safe. To find out more, go to our Web site:

ATM Cards
With a Bank of North Carolina ATM card, you can access your accounts anywhere in the country where there's an automatic teller machine. There is no transaction fee to use any Bank of
North Carolina ATM.

BNC Checkcard
Instead of writing checks, use your card to pay for purchases from your checking account. It's accepted wherever VISA is accepted.

Mastercard and Visa
Get immediate financial recognition-for ordinary purchases and unexpected emergencies-virtually anywhere in the world, with the world's most renowned credit cards issued by your own Bank of North Carolina.

Bounce Protection
With this feature you can overdraw your account, up to specified limits, without worrying about it.

Cashline/Overdraft Protection
You can stop worrying. Ask us to arrange a credit line to cover checks in case you accidently overdraw your checking account.

Wire Transfers
Quickly transfer funds to any bank or financial institution in the world.

Direct Deposit
Allow Bank of North Carolina to arrange a safe and systematic way to deposit your money.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Bank of North Carolina offers safe deposit boxes in several sizes for safekeeping of valuables and important papers.

Checking and Savings Accounts
We have a checking and savings account to satisfy any financial goal. The following pages explain them in detail.

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