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SOAR: Secure, Optimize Cash, Administer Payments, Re-Invest


All accounts are FDIC insured up to the amount stated by law.

DirectLine OFX—Reconcile your accounts daily with your QuickBooks application and an automated pull from our databases.

Secure Email—Receive email alerts for specific transactions in your account, such as an electronic payment, or a target balance being reached.

Optimize Cash

Remote Deposit Capture—Scan checks for deposit as late as 7:00 PM EST to receive same day credit. Scan the images and send them electronically to us for processing. You will receive an email confirmation of your deposit once we receive it and process it.

ACH Debit—With your customer's permission, automatically draft their account to streamline your accounts receivable, whether it is a recurring payment, an internet payment, or a check by phone.

Merchant Services—Help integrate credit card receipts into your system, whether via in-person, over the phone, or via the internet.

Administer Payments

Cash Management—Manually set up single wires and ACH, or establish templates for recurring payments to your vendors.

Check Fraud Prevention—Provide the bank with your check information, and we will present to you any checks presented, via Positive Pay, that don't match, for your pay or return instructions.

Direct Deposit—Simplify your payroll by providing direct deposit to your employees.


Account Analysis—Put your combined Bank of North Carolina balances together to work to offset banking service charges.

Sweeps—We have multiple sweep choices based on your needs and investment goals.


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